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Extreme conditions demand extremely high reliability.

Electrical connector technology for utility vehicles, military applications and special-purpose vehicle construction

Connecting technology for utility vehicles, arms and special vehicle construction. Because of the special requirements, special standards apply for plug connections in vehicle construction. On the one hand, they must be able to withstand a high level of strain, for example due to vibrations or dirt. On the other hand, they are exposed to the effects of weathering, such as heat, cold and damp.

Our product range includes 2 to 12-pole plugs and sockets as well as couplings and connecting cables – made of high quality materials that prevent fatigue or damage as far as possible, and in accordance with the high quality standards of elke TECHNIK, e.g. VG 96917, VG 96923 and VG 96927.

Our products are used in utility vehicle construction and in the arms industry. Furthermore, we develop customer specific solutions for road construction, forestry, mining and tunnel construction.

Fields of application

  • Jump starting passenger cars and utility vehicles
  • Tail-lifts for mobile and stationary modes of operation
  • Heavy equipment in road construction and mining industry
  • Building cranes and exeavators
  • Shipbuilding