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Whistleblower protection - Whistleblowing

Respect, integrity and responsibility - these are values that we live by in our day-to-day interactions within the company and see as part of our corporate culture. For our employees, customers and partners. For this reason, we have a whistleblowing centre to ensure that legal provisions, internal guidelines and ethical standards are met. In this way, we protect ourselves, our customers and partners from risks. After all, lawful behaviour and fair competition are the basis for sustainable success. Help us to uncover and remedy violations and irregularities.


As an employee, business partner or private individual, you can inform us of suspected serious breaches of regulations or criminal offences. You do not have to provide any personal details to report a report. The report can be submitted anonymously. It is at your discretion whether you wish to share your contact details.

Your information will only be received by the person responsible for the internal reporting office, Dr Eike Cornelius, who will treat any information provided with the strictest confidentiality.


To ensure that it is not possible to trace you back to you if you do not provide any data yourself, no IP addresses are stored when a report is submitted and no tracking tools are used.      

Whistleblowers have the option of sending whistleblower reports to the following e-mail address:

Per E-Mail:


Procedure for whistleblower reports:     

  •      Receipt is confirmed and documented to the whistleblower within seven days. If a record of the content of a (verbal) whistleblower report has been prepared by the Reporting Centre, the whistleblower will also be given the opportunity by the Reporting Centre to review the record, correct it if necessary and confirm it with their signature or in electronic form, provided that they have provided a contact option for feedback as part of their whistleblower report. 
  •      The report is reviewed and the further procedure and responsibilities are determined. In the event of a rejection, the whistleblower will receive a justification, provided that contact details have been provided.          
  •      The facts of the case are discussed and examined and a proposal for remedial action is drawn up.  
  •      The agreed remedial measures are implemented and followed up.  
  •      The effectiveness of the procedure is reviewed annually and on an ad hoc basis. If necessary, adjustments are made to the procedure or corrective measures taken.